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Trois Freres Distillery has been on a remarkable journey of growth since its early days back in 2002.

In its first 10 years the business developed from just a dream by two passionate brothers to have fun and make rum a little differently into a highly visible and successful local business in the Seychelles.


As visibility grew and more demand came, the brothers D’Offay were able to expand and invest further into the art of distilling, bringing on new investors, new advisors and new capacity that collectively built the momentum behind the brand.


In 2013 operations were expanded, supply chains were improved and the export potential for the brand began to be explored. Distilling processes were expanded to cover both rum Agricole and Molasses based distillation programs and the business embarked on an intriguing barrel aging program that is today the foundation of some truly unique rums found in the St Andre portfolio range.


As the distilling and production improvements took hold the business then embarked on bringing to life the brand experience for both local Seychellois and tourist alike. The La Plain St Andre homestead has become the spiritual home for the brand and a must see visitor destination in Mahe for tourist. The brand has also become an embedded partner and contributor on the events calendar in Mahe.


Our distilling expertise was later recognized by the other powerhouse local drinks company in Seybrew Ltd when a multi-faceted collaboration was developed including Trois Freres Distilleries being granted a Trademark license to manufacture the Smirnoff vodka brand in the Seychelles under permission from Seybrew’s parent company, Diageo Plc of the UK.

Seybrew in turn proudly produces Takamaka rum based ready to drink mixers under a reciprocal agreement. The expansion in operations and our drinks business footprint has continued recently with Trois Freres Distilleries acquisition of the local Val Riche water brand. Val Riche is a fast growing successful local water brand that fits exceedingly well in the Trois Freres portfolio and both broadens the growth opportunity but also strengthens the resilience of the business.


This success story was recognized most recently with the listing of the business on the Merj exchange in May 2021 and with an over subscription of the first release of shares in Trois Freres Distilleries to public shareholders completed in October 2021.

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